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We recently adopted a gorgeous Bodeguero from Spain who was diagnosed with Leishmaniasis (inactive). I was aware that we would have to feed her a low purine diet but with so many companies to choose from we were overwhelmed. After joining a group on facebook I found DotDot DogFood. Karli was so helpful and informative and put my fears to rest, she advised of the best food to give Ruby and even sent samples of the food to try but never used hard sell. I was so impressed with her fast responses to my never ending questions and genuine interest in our dog. Ruby has been with us a few weeks now and absolutely loves her DotDot Chicken with Sweet Potato and Herbs, she wolfs it down every time and it seems to satisfy her appetite, her digestion has improved and she is one happy little dog, oh and delivery is super fast too!
Thank you Karli for your excellent customer service and treating us more like friends than just customers.

Alison and Ruby


Bramble is a working cocker spaniel who is nearly 18 months old.  We found DotDot DogFood by chance when Karli was hosting a local dog show and giving away free samples! We used the varying samples / recipes as training treats at first and because she loved it so much we moved her over to the food permanently! She is a happy little soul and her hobbies include digging (bit of an expert), burying toys and chasing after leaves on windy days.  She enjoys a swim whenever we walk near any water.  

Lesley & Bramble


As soon as I found out Karli and DotDot had started to produce their own food and treats I knew that the DotDot expertise, enthusiasm and experience that is put into everything the DotDot family take their hand to would not disappoint.  I was right!  From the day we adopted our Penny we were told she was a fussy eater and by heck was she!  From the first day Penny relished her DotDot grub.  Now both my dogs always finish their bowls and lick them clean.  Since changing to DotDot the main difference I have noticed in my dogs is there is much less wind! A real problem with flat face breeds! They have lovely shiny coats, bright eyes and are full of energy and a very healthy weight.  They also relish the treats which I use for training and bribery! And not to mention free delivery.

We trust both Cosmo & Penny with the pet care provided (adhoc walks to accomodate mine and my husbands shift patterns) with the fabulous Pocklington team, and now with the DotDot DogFood too - it's an all round pet care service for us and we couldn't ask for anything more!

Victoria and Cosmo & Penny

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We started Frank our GSD on Purina puppy then progressed onto Purina adult but unfortunately it made his stool quite sloppy. We tried other alternatives but with no success so when Karli started her own food we gave the Natural adult dog Fish and Rice a try. Frank instantly woofed it down and his stools solidified within less than a week. Frank is now 3 and a half and has never suffered any more digestive problems and remains to love the food! Also we have the small kibble which is ideal for training treats and reward. The choice of flavours and natural ingredients make it easy to choose one for your pooch! We would not hesitate to recommend Dot Dot Dog Food.

Simon, Caron & Frank


Lola is an adopted dog who had a very poor diet when I got her. High fat and full of sugar which the vet called the equivalent of junk food. It was very important to me to put her on a healthy and nutritious diet and so I did my research and compared DotDot food with other leading brands. DotDot food came out on top for all the things I wanted to keep Lola healthy and happy and Lola loves the taste too! So far she has had the small dog lamb and mint and now that the small dog kibble is available in chicken, that is next on our list. Lola also likes the DotDot chicken treats. They are just the right size for training your dog without over feeding them.

Nicola & Lola


DotDot DogFood have such a wide range of recipes for my dogs its ideal! I order the senior, puppy and adult for my babies and all love each recipe.  Gertie has a very sensitive stomach so we use the naturals range (I have tried that many different types of food its such a relief to find one that finally makes her happy and comfortable!).  My puppy is thriving on the chicken and veg puppy food and my golden Oldies enjoy the senior recipes which just ensures they don't gain any weight now they are moving a little less and has all the supplements to ease their ageing joints.  I once couldn't get my wifi to connect to the site and having contacted Karli late at night, it was no bother to her to raise this order for me to ensure my dogs didn't run out of food!

Lynne, Mouse, Gertie & Woody


Betty joined the DotDotFamily over 2 years ago (3x40 min walks a week).  It is safe to say that when she joined she was not the most confident of dogs and struggled to socialise with other pooches - but in no time at all being part of the DotDotFamily changed all this!  She now not only enjoys her DotDot walkies every week, but she has also been on the DotDot DogFood for over a year now.  She was also quite picky with her food and didnt eat every meal; she now has the Grain Free Lamb, Sweet Potato & Mint recipe and consistently eats her meals every day!  I like the fact it is a high meat content and is grain free, which really helps Betty's sensitive tummy.  it is also a great price too for a dry food of such great quality.

I would highly recommend both the food and the pet care services!

Sal & Betty

mabes loving the pups

I have 3 labradors, ranging in age from 2-7 years and I can honestly say I have tried every food going! DotDot DogFood has transformed their coats to shiny and glossy, their stools are nice and firm and they have never been in as good condition! My chocolate lab has just had a litter and has moved on to the puppy food as advised by Karli and the team of nutritionalists and her 6 babies will soon be moving over (soaked kibble) once they are old enough! Highly recommended.

Helen, Freddy, Mabel & Robin

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After discovering my spaniels ear problems were yeast infections I did a little research and found out it is quite often food related. I switched to a grain free food which did make a difference but he still had some issues. Having returned to England I tried a new brand from Dotdot, My dogs loved it and I loved the ingredients that were in it, plus it was very reasonably priced. After a month or so I was truly elated to find my spaniel had completely clean healthy ears and was not chewing at his paws anymore! I get the adult chicken and sweet potato with herbs. All my dogs love the taste, are in great shape and have healthy clean teeth and coats! I am over the moon with this food and will continue with it!

Nicole, Ziggy & Luna


I started my cocker spaniel on DotDot food about a year ago. I was looking for a dried food that contained at least 50% meat and was grain free. Found the perfect food with DotDot that was great value and delivered to my door. Had no hesitation on starting my puppy on it a few months later. We have tried every flavour and my dogs love them all! They are both food driven dogs so I can even use the food for training purposes as well as the dog treats that DotDot also do. DotDot food comes out on top with every comparison I have done with other makes of food including the ingredients, price etc. The vet comments on my spaniel's coat, teeth etc and DotDot food definitely helps with that. My dogs love the food, they stay fuller for longer and are happy, healthy dogs.

Vicky. Reggie & Ralph