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Our Story


History of DotDot

  • DotDotPet Care founded in Dec 2016
  • DotDot DogFood founded in 2018
  • Created after many years (and hundreds of dogs) experience of what owners are looking for in a dog food.
  • Created due to the lack of high quality, complete dog food available.
  • Partnered with Europes leading Pet Food Manufacturer.
  • Having 2 rescue dogs, 1 suffering with Leishmaniasis- I wanted a whole range of foods to suit all dogs and owners, but never sacrifice the quality and content.

The Brand DotDot

  • DotDot DogFood is named after the founders first dog, Dorothy.
  • Known to the family as 'DotDot' she is the perfect brand ambassador.
  • Dot lived to nearly 14 years of age! She came from a working yet loving family home; she was an energetic, healthy & happy German Short Haired Pointer.
  • A company created in her memory and determined to prove that a small family brand can, and will put your pets health first before profit.

What DotDot offers...


What's a DotDot Dog?


  • A DotDot dog is a true part of a family - those 4 legs are as sacred as the 2 legged babies!
  • Food, exercise, grooming, socialisation - we consider all elements essential as a DotDot Dog.
  • As a busy family, we wanted our DotDot DogFood to be TOP quality, but convenient in preparation and in transportation.  As a complete kibble it is ready to eat, easy to store and no messing with prep!
  • As a small family business we understand what real life pet owners need as have seen first hand the positive changes to the DotDot Dogs who start on a DotDot diet!
  • Small enough to care; call anytime there's no complicated call centres!

Why try DotDot DogFood?


  • Grain Free, SuperFood 65 & Naturals range to choose from.
  • The Grain Free food is a MINIMUM of 50% meat content - we encourage all dog owners to check the labels of their current brands (big name brands do not necessarily mean good quality!)
  • Hypoallergenic, no added colours or preservatives.
  • Contains freshly prepared, human grade meat/fish.
  • Better skin, coat, joints and breath are just part of why you should try our range of food! 
  • Support a family business and join this special DotDotFamily.
  • Quick 48hr, to your door delivery in mainland UK!
  • Try a FREE sample - just email us and we will post it to you!
  • Expert advice and guidance on hand from our team of Vets, Nutritionalists and approved by the PMFA.