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Dogs and their diets

What are the benefits of a Grain Free Pet Food?

  • Better breath
  • Fewer Poops
  • Healthier Skin
  • A better coat
  • More energy
  • Better digestion

What is ‘Hypoallergenic Dog Food’?

You may be surprised to learn that food intolerance’s are a common problem amongst pets. Lower quality pet food, packed with artificial additives, chemicals and known hypersensitising ingredients can often cause disturbances. Feeding a higher quality hypoallergenic food can help to reduce symptoms.

DotDot has formulated our recipes to be hypoallergenic in the sense that they help to reduce symptoms of intolerance and sensitivity, promoting everyday health and wellbeing as recommended by the ‘Pet Food Manufacturers Association’ (PFMA).

Our pet food recipes are often formulated to exclude ingredients which may cause intolerance’s including grains (i.e wheat and maize), beef, chicken, soya, or dairy. However, it is important to note that although we are able help manage symptoms of intolerance, the recipes we formulate are more accurately created to assist with food intolerances/sensitivities as opposed to allergic reactions and are not classed an anallergenic pet food. The GA definition of hypoallergenic in line with the PFMA recommendations is: “Formulated without Wheat, Wheat Gluten, Soya, Dairy, Beef or Pork.

What symptoms would mean I should consider a hypoallergenic Dog Food?

Like humans, pet’s health can go out of control when exposed to certain foods or chemicals. Food sensitivities are whereby the animal is intolerant (sensitive) to one or more of these materials. The body reacts to this unwanted material and there is belief that this causes upset to the animal by including the following gastrointestinal signs:

flatulence, diarrhoea, regurgitation or even vomiting, and unwanted variation with wet or voluminous stool quality. Itching and poor skin may also be associated with adverse food reactions.

It is often a protein which is sometimes associated with a carbohydrate (i.e. wheat gluten) that is implicated with causing an intolerance or sensitivity. Therefore, by formulating these recipes and declaring the individual ingredients we have a minimal number of known protein sources to reduce the risk of intolerance’s or sensitivities occurring. If as an owner you notice the clinical signs which are disrupting their pets normal happy self and think that the diet is probably to blame – switching to a hypoallergenic food is a good start! Hypoallergenic food from DotDot is formulated to work alongside the digestive system and in turn is made up of ingredients which are less likely to cause adverse reactions – for pets with sensitive skin or digestion.

What is Freshtrusion Technology?

Freshtrusion™ is a first in dry pet food manufacturing.  Freshtrusion™ technology allows more fresh ingredients to be used in dry pet foods than any other extrusion system in the world, including fresh meat and now fresh vegetables, herbs and ‘botanicals’.

Freshtrusion™ technology cooks the meat at a gentle 90 C temperature keeping in the freshness and protecting the proteins. Traditional kibble/dry Pet Foods are rendered at circa 300 C which reduces the nutritional goodness and damages proteins, therefore decreasing the bio-availability to the pet.

How do I move over to a new food?

It is essential to introduce the new food gradually over a period of time (usually 2-3 weeks if your dog already has symptoms). It takes time for the digestive enzymes and microflora to adjust. Too much disruption through changing too quickly could be counter-productive, or, at worst, cause an adverse reaction. You can do this by gradually reducing the amount old food and slowly introducing the new food to the diet. Do not anticipate the effects to be instantaneous – the effect of this diet is gradual!

Shouldn’t dogs just eat meat?

This can be a controversial subject with the ever increasing ‘raw fed’ diet.  Dogs in fact are not obligate or pure carnivores and they are definitely not pure herbivores.   They are midway between omnivores and carnivores – they have eaten vegetables for hundreds of years!  Whether it be from the gut contents of their prey or scavenging fruit and other vegetable materials as wild canines, Vegetables and fruit help balance the alkalinity and acidity of their diet.

Vegetables provide proteins, lipids, fats, carbs, phytonutrients and fibre.

About DotDot Dog Food

Why is DotDot DogFood Grain Free?

Grain is not a natural part of a dogs diet.  Over the years of DotDot Pet Care, and caring for many hundreds of dogs it has become apparent that more and more of our Fur babies were struggling to digest the food they were being fed, we often saw dogs losing weight, having a lack of energy, with constant diarrhoea (*pickingupthepootoproveit !) or indeed problems with their skin and coats.

When DotDot DogFood was being created we partnered up with Europe’s Leading Pet Food Manufacturer and discussed this issue; it became apparent that many of the leading brands of Pet Food all contained Grains – which merely serve as a ‘bulking agent’ and bring no nutritional value to the Pet Food.  DotDot made a promise that only the best ingredients would make up our Dog Food – after all, our 4 legged friends are just like us 2 legged types – they are what they eat! No Junk, No fillers and certainly no additives or preservatives would be found in our Dog Food.

Who Makes DotDot DogFood?

DotDot has partnered with Europes Largest & leading Pet Food Manufacturer.  The food and treats recipes are made in the UK using, where possible British sourced ingredients. Each recipe is made including the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Vet Approved? What does this mean?

DotDot DogFood has partnered with Europes leading pet Food Manufacturer; they have dedicated nutritionists, product developers and vets on hand with decades of experience.

The food and treats are then tested both onsite and by independent and accredited laboratories for food safety and nutritional value. All recipes have to meet a strict PMFA stamp of approval

There is NEVER, and will NEVER be any animal testing of any kind.

Finally, who better than to taste test than the #DotDotDogs themselves! You can watch live videos, and view many photographs on the Facebook Page or Instagram of just how tasty DotDot DogFood is by the wagging tails and licking lips of our Furry Friends!

What Quality Management and Food Safety Protocols do you have in place?

  • Raw materials are from trusted suppliers who are audited and analysed prior to supply.
  • All raw materials are sourced from human-grade supply streams.
  • Traceability via barcodes is in place for all deliveries.
  • Materials undergo strict inspections to verify the above.
  • Every ingredient is sampled, archived and analysed on site to ensure compliance.  Analysis includes moisture, oil, protein, fibre, ash, starch and minerals.
  • On site Micro laboratories batch test all food.

Tell us about the carbon footprint of DotDot DogFood?

  • 98% of all waste generated on site is recycled!
  • 15,000 trees and shrubs were planted and wetland areas created in 2016/17 alone.
  • All water is recycled with our own waste water treatment works on site and re-used.
  • Packaging of the food itself is not yet 100% recyclable, due to the fresh nature of the food; however we are working hard with our partners to one day achieve this.